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Production Trainer

Số yêu cầu tuyển:  117272
Địa điểm: 

Tam Ky, VN, 560000

Loại công việc:  Toàn thời gian

Principle activities

  • Coordinating trainers
  • Recognition of weak points (e.g. ineffective training courses, etc.) and development of optimization proposals
  • Evaluation of training courses and the creation of corresponding reports (e.g. effective / ineffective training courses, etc.)
  • Assess trained employees after completing the training phase
  • Participates in ensuring the further development of employees (e.g. from worker to jumper, team leader, foreman, etc.) by providing / carrying out appropriate trainings in cooperation with supervisors and HR
  • Creation of training plans and training documents
  • Organizing, conducting and documenting theoretical and practical training courses
  • Creation of initial training plans and tracking of compliance with deadlines
  • Creation of qualification matrices for the Production employees
  • Suggests measures to improve one's own activity
  • Must be up to date with laws, ordinances, standards, work instructions, etc. related to his area of activity
  • Responsible use of industry-specific training programs, updating and accuracy of the data entered
  • Analyzes the training needs of employees from their area of responsibility together with the production manager
  • Teaches, prepares and trains the newly hired employees. Obligatory documentation is the Q-matrix, the work and procedural instructions.
  • Responsible for the correct creation of the attendance lists of newly hired staff and this forwarding to the technical supervisor
  • Responsible for the organization and discipline of the group in the theoretical training
  • Follow-up training and special training if required
  • Compliance with the hierarchical level in handling all problems
  • Is responsible for the full implementation of the service tasks from the job description
  • Is responsible for the implementation of written or verbal orders from his supervisors
  • Is responsible for keeping the documents and data confidential that he uses in his work
  • Creates, maintains and archives the training documents for his area of responsibility in a proper time
  • Responsible for the correctness of the data given in the training documents
  • Responsible for constant updating of the Q-Matrix files
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and updating the samples for the training
  • Checks the effectiveness of the trainings carried out in all areas of production
  • Participates in complaint analyzes (8-D report), various meetings, DPV, FMEA
  • Evaluates the employees together with the production area manager
  • Coordinates and participates in the implementation of the information boards from the training room, and is responsible for their changes / updates
  • Organizes the trainings according to the changes in the work or process instructions, depending on the persons concerned and the changes made
  • Responsibility for maintaining an appropriate climate for the fulfillment of the tasks in his department

Observes the subordinate employees regarding:

  • Correctly dressed, with appropriate protective clothing
  • Whether they come drunk or drink alcohol at work
  • Whether they regularly take part in health and safety meetings and have adopted the rules of their activities
  • Whether doing this work for which he/she have had no training, or work that exceeds his qualifications or experience
  • Whether they keep the workplace clean

With regard to work safety, he has the following obligations:

  • Carry out only the work that has been given to him by his direct supervisor, in compliance with the work instructions, the technical instructions and the occupational health and safety rules