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Head of Module Assembly

Số yêu cầu tuyển:  117043
Địa điểm: 

Tam Ky, VN, 560000

Loại công việc:  Toàn thời gian
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring the production of wire harnesses to ensure quality, quantity and on-time delivery to customers.
  • Support the strategic planning of the department/department by downscaling or working out the strategic planning of the group within a short/medium-term time horizon.
  • Plan and manage the budget in the module area in coordination with the supervisor and ensure compliance.
  • Participation in personnel planning in the module area in coordination with the supervisor as well as qualification-appropriate deployment of employees.
  • Professional and disciplinary management of employees in the module area and making personnel decisions in coordination with the HR department and the supervisor.
  • Implementation of policies, processes and systems in the module area.
  • Support in ensuring all functions in the module area; if necessary, implementation of measures in the event of deviations.
  • Management and projects in the factory.
  • Participation in the identification and development of optimization proposals (e.g. with regard to processes, resources, IT systems, etc.) as well as the implementation of derived measures.
  • Support other departments to cope with overarching corporate tasks.
  • Ensuring delivery fulfillment and quality through the efficient use of machines, materials and equipment; according to criteria of production planning/control or key figures.
  • Monitoring of cost development / ensuring compliance with given budgets / overhead costs / PDA time recording and key figures; if necessary.  Initiate corrective actions in consultation with supervisors.
  • Ensure compliance with process and procedural instructions.
  • Responsible for the safety, environmental and fire protection work of the department (in the area of responsibility of the department).
  • Comply with the company's EHS policies and management regulations, understand the environmental factors and hazards in factories and work areas, and perform the appropriate tasks outlined in the EHS Responsibility System.
  • Can perform the tasks of Supervisor.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by superiors.




  • Shuttle buses provided from Danang City, Quang Ngai and Hoi An
  • Health insurance and social insurance are fully paid according to the Labor Law
  • Competitive salary and career path developing opportunities
  • Premium healthcare package, Team building, Health check are provided yearly
  • Attractive Training Programs & Exciting team activities