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Modernos sistemas de arneses y exclusivos interiores de vehículos: el nombre DRÄXLMAIER representa innovaciones automotrices - Productos para resaltar la experiencia al conducir. Todos los días, aproximadamente 75.000 asociados en todo el mundo cooperan aportando su conocimiento, habilidades y su pasión automotriz hacia este objetivo. Personas, a quienes les gusta tomar responsabilidad, usar su creatividad y contribuir sus ideas hacia el éxito común. ¡Personas como tú!


Job Req ID:  109922

San Luis Potosi, MX, 78423

Jobs at Dräxlmaier


Modern wire harness systems and exclusive vehicle interiors: The name DRAEXLMAIER stands for automotive innovations – products that enhance your driving experience. Every day, approximately 75,000 associates around the world cooperate to contribute their knowledge, skills and automotive passion toward this goal. Individuals, who like to take on responsibilities, use their creativity and contribute their ideas toward the common success. Individuals like you!



Position ID: 50966725 

Worker Category: Tiempo completo, Location: San Luis Potosi 




Objective of the position

Support the optimum use and development of the DRX systems and processes.


Principal activities

• Cooperate in implementing unit-specific systems in plants worldwide

• Receive change requests and coordinate with departments (e.g. IT, etc.)

• Agree on data transfer and program planning with customers, agree on delivery dates

• Coordinate processing of special orders from plants to customers

• Recognize weak areas within the supported systems

• Plan and conduct training for several DSN systems within a unit

• Support several DSN systems within a unit, and act as contact person

• Receive and handle difficult inquiries/problems, including special cases (e.g. support on-site, system providing, etc.)

• Analyze data and derive actions/suggestions for improvement

• Assure the setup/management of master data in DSN systems (e.g. HOST, Optimain, AULA, etc.)

• Create comprehensive reports (e.g. evaluations, statistics, etc.)

• Create and manage documentation for the supported systems

• Conduct ‘black-box’ tests for the supported DSN systems



  • Professional career:
    Engineering related


  • Relevant experience:
    +2 años:
    Logistics or IT os business administration
    Supply Chain Concepts
    DSN Systems
    Sistemas Logísticos (IPST,AULA,MES, AVAS)
    DRX Production Procesess


  • Technical knowledge:
    Herramienta para la solución de problemas
    Integridad del producto
    Análisis de riesgos
    Norma IATF 16949:2016
    Requisitos específicos de cliente
    ISO 14001-2015 / ISO 45001:2018
    Herramientas estadísticas
    Sistemas de Secuenciado
    Administración de almacenes
    Cadena de Suministros


  • Languages:
    English: Advanced




We are looking forward to your application.


Company / Legal Entity: DCM Draexlmaier Components Aut omotive de Mexico S de RLdeCV, Org-Code: OI-MX-SLI32 

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