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Production Cutting Supervisor

Số yêu cầu tuyển:  113614
Địa điểm: 

Quang Nam, VN, 560000

Loại công việc:  Toàn thời gian
  • Lead (technically and disciplinarily) a small department with simple, homogenous functions
  • Conduct personnel assignment planning and disposition, taking into account company goals
  • Instruct, encourage, motivate and evaluate associates; take disciplinary actions as necessary
  • Assure delivery fulfillment and quality by the efficient use of machinery, material and equipment; according to the criteria of production planning/control and characteristics
  • Assure quality testing on parts based on test plans, technical drawings, and work instructions (e.g. with regard to function, completeness, etc.), compare target/actual deviations as necessary
  • Set priorities within stated times and goals
  • Conduct shift and operations planning
  • Rearrange work processes and work equipment in case of interruptions and bottlenecks
  • Monitor cost development/assure compliance with predetermined budgets/overheads/BDE time determinations and characteristics; implement corrective actions as needed, in cooperation with supervisor
  • Develop/support improvements in processes, equipment and IT systems
  • Assure compliance with process and procedural directives
  • Implement safety, health and environmental protection regulations as part of legislation
  • Organizes, optimizes the production activity, for subordinate personnel
  • Works, in collaboration with QS staff, to make the production run smoothly
  • Train the subordinate staff
  • Supervises the continuous operation of the machines within the area of responsibility
  • Ensures compliance with labor protection rules and fire protection within the area of responsibility
  • Organizes the production process in collaboration with the Head of department
  • Supervise and report presence for all subordinate staff
  • Take disciplinary measures after consulting and approval of the Head of department
  • Supervises the order and discipline within the area of responsibility
  • Maintains permanent collaborative contact with the staff from the Quality and Logistic departments
  • Apply or, as the case may be, delegate the application of special measures, as directed by the Head of department
  • Prepares reports and records related to the production process
  • Executes other provisions given by the direct supervisor or his bosses in achieving the objectives of the section within the limits of respecting the legal basis
  • Responsible for the activity of subordinate staff
  • Ensures the order and discipline at the work place and announces to the head of the department any deviation
  • Is responsible for the accuracy of the documents created
  • Responsible for the correctness and promptness with which he/she provides the information in its field of activity to colleagues and superiors
  • Has a polite attitude towards both subordinate staff and other people with whom he comes into contact within the company (respect in society is mandatory - greeting, address)
  • Informs the supervisor whenever problems arise that are beyond his competence
  • Follow the rules for using IT systems: software, e-mails, external data carriers
  • Monitor the correct operation of the machines and notify the maintenance personnel in case of any fault for immediate repair 
  • Responsible for compliance with the legislation, norms and instructions of safety and health at work and emergency situations for his person and for the group he leads
  • Respects the general working procedures specific to the company (work schedule, punctuality in creating and submitting reports, etc.)
  • Ensures compliance with legal provisions regarding environmental protection and service secrecy
  • Comply with the provisions of the Labor Code, the Collective Labor Agreement, the Internal Rules 
  • Comply with the legal provisions regarding quality assurance standards
  • Is responsible for the confidentiality of the information that is controlled and derived from his activity
  • Has the responsibility to reduce the amount of complaints