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IT Operations On-Site

Ubicación:  7024

Puebla, MX, 74160

ID de la posición:  50943778




General information

  • Department: IT Operations
  • Disciplinary and Technical Supervisor: Joel Nava
  • Site: Puebla
    Objetive of the position
    Operate office or shop floor systems at PUE site, in compliance with applicable ITSM processes, standards,
  • and IT guidelines.

Principal activities

  1. 1. Contribute to the IT on site, based on valid guidelines and processes (e.g. integrate new hardware components in the infrastructure, build new infrastructure systems according to specifications and guidelines, etc.)
  2. Advise and instruct colleagues in solving complex inquiries in the area of office and shop floor
  3. Supervise IT infrastructure in the first level support (e.g. by re-starting servers, etc.)
  4. Track local IT jobs and mark detected deviations
  5. Analyze and clarify problems with internal and external partners (e.g. act as contact person and clarify technical issues related to PC-controlled machines with the manufacturers, etc.)
  6. Create and provide solutions for complex problems for the solutions database, according to predetermined guidelines
  7. Process IT service requests and IT incidents in second level support at the respective site in compliance with applicable ITSM processes, standards, and IT guidelines


  • Professional career:
  • Education: Advanced vocational/technical training usually acquired through a degree in a technical or vocational discipline plus a few years of experience (knowledge of methods, techniques and processes; mastery level of skilled trade)
  • Language: English
  • Relevant experience:
    Types of activities: Some differing tasks with several potential solutions, including analysis of the situation/causes
  • Scope: Standardized procedures and processes, and general work instructions; progress is monitored at longer intervals.

Additional knowledge

  • Good technical knowledge in Windows operating systems as of XP
  • Basic knowledge of hardware and network engineering.
  • Hardware troubleshooting and replacement.
  • Good troubleshooting skills and understanding when to escalate issues, Troubleshooting Tools
  • IATF, ISO 14001-2015 / OHSAS 18001
  • Security of the Product
  • Risk Analysis
  • Statistical tools







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