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Equipment Planning

Job Req ID:  26738

Duncan, US, 29334

Work Type:  Full time
Contract Type:  permanent


Planning and realizing of production equipment, and/or production procedures as well as their integration into the plant operation process. Responsible for the development and linking of several equipments, with several processes (in Development) OR responsible for the planning, procurement and development of equipment for nearly all technology groups, (in Production)


Principle Activities

  • Act as internal and external point of contact within own technical area; collaboration in internal work circles
  • Issuing of internal publications, (e.g. procurement documents, etc.) and if applicable, present (e.g. create presentations and introduce to customer, etc.)
  • Recognize general need for training within own technical area, in company. Plan and execute internal and external training of complex topics, domestically and abroad (e.g. equipment standard training, within plants, etc.)
  • Support the determination and optimization of internal standards and processes, within own technical area, (e.g. equipment standards, etc.)
  • Review/identify trends in technical field for the preparation of concepts. Suggest courses of action, (e.g. execution of market, supplier and plant analysis in regard to the state of Machine and Process Engineering; in general and in particular, for Automation Engineering and process monitoring systems, etc.)
  • Execution of tasks with conceptual emphasis, within technical area, (e.g. solution approaches for the optimization of automatization, etc.)
  • Collaboration in the strategic supplier selection
  • If applicable, procurement of non-standardized equipment (e.g. in production, etc.)
  • Develop new/advance existing machine technology, under consideration of work safety
  • Collaboration in the development of equipment specification books, trial plans, catalog of measures and corresponding release documentation
  • Execution of machine takeover, determination of machine capability (MFU), and implementation grad of specification book requirements
  • Technical release of equipment for production
  • Execution of pre-calculations for the evaluation of concepts
    Details of principal activities
  • Execution of feasibility study, under consideration of the production specifications, equipment standards and plant guidelines; in corporation with Process Development, Process Engineering, and internal or rather, external suppliers
  • Preparation of equipment targets, (e.g. cycle times, personnel, utilization, etc.) in corporation with Process Development and/or Application Engineering, in consideration with their project targets as input for Process Planning
  • Negotiations with internal or rather, external suppliers regarding technology, timing plan and content in line with Production, Process Engineering and Purchasing
  • Creation of design and supplier releases for internal and external suppliers, under consideration of the requirement manual, in corporation with Production and Process Engineering and Purchasing
  • Planning and support of the equipment implementation within the plant
  • Planning and supervising of the equipment budget with the objective to observe the provided targets
  • Creation, maintenance and balancing of the equipment timing plans with the project plans, in corporation with the project team
  • Collaboration in the industrialization of a project, in corporation with Process Planning and Logistic with the goal to achieve the optimum in layout, production flow, material procurement, material flow, and tool change
  • Collaboration in the product and process FMEA, as team member for the equipment topics
  • Determination of project risks and reporting to line supervisor
  • Creation of cost comparison, economic efficiency, amortization calculations; regarding various equipment concepts, in corporation with Process Planning and Application Engineering
  • Collaboration in the preparation of emergency and service concepts, and their implementation & validiation,  together with Production; with the objective to achieve a high OEE


Job Requirements

 Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience

 3-5 years experience of Engineering and Planning within an Automotive environment